Services & Rates

Thai Massage

$85 per hour and $125 per 90-minutes

Thai Massage is perhaps the oldest recorded form of body work.  Believed to have originated in Ancient India by the Buddha’s physician, it was later brought to Siam (now Thailand) by Buddhists Monks.  Thai Massage continues to be commonly practiced today in Thailand as one of the arms of Traditional Thai Medicine. 

Thai massage is performed fully-clothed, on a mat, on the floor.  Sessions involve deep stretching, compressions and some assisted Yoga postures.   

Although sometimes referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, true Thai Massage should be performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist, who is certified in Thai Massage and is mindful of the Buddhist traditions and Thai medicine philosophies that are the basis of Thai Massage.  

The benefits of Thai Massage range from improved flexibility, relief of muscle tension to enhanced flow of energy.

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